Gift Baskets

In addition to our acclaimed accommodations
for travelers, we are earning a budding reputation
as all-occasion gift-basket connoisseurs!

It all started with us baking fresh muffins and other goodies
every morning for our guests, then people started making requests
for special occasions… we created a basket or three as gifts for
friends and colleagues and now it has become a sideline to running
the Inn and hosting weddings and other special events!
We get special orders for birthdays, weddings, holidays…
gifts for students, teachers, and friends!

Basket prices can range from $50.00 to $500.00, depending on
the contents! All baskets are custom-made and tailored to your
intended recipient's particular tastes… the items can be delivered
in an actual basket or other container such as an aluminum bucket/bin,
all of which are great for storage after the goodies are gone.
Baskets can include any combination of the following items
(the list is partial, and is limited only by your imagination!),
and pricing of baskets is done on an individual basis…
They can be as simple as a tin of cookies and a balloon bouquet
or as extravagant as an iPod and digital picture frame in a Longaberger
basket with all the extras and trimmings. It may be easiest for you to
tell us what you would like to spend on the basket, anything essential you
want in the basket, a theme if there is one, any preference you have
as to how it is decorated/wrapped, and give us an idea as to the
recipient's likes and dislikes (bookworm or techno-wiz, movie buff
or sports enthusiast, favorite color or dessert or team, etc)…
and then let us work our magic : )

Here are some of the general categories and items we can use to
create baskets… use any combination of these and add some of your own!
And just think how wonderful someone is going to feel when we deliver
a beautiful gift basket created and decorated specifically for them!



chocolate chip
(or other) home-made cookies
home-made muffins
microwave popcorn
candy bars
fresh Maine maple syrup


home-made cake
(custom decorated, of course!)
helium balloons & streamers
sparkling cider
party plates, napkins,
cups & utensils
noisemakers, etc.
holiday decorations


manicure essentials with
OPI nail polishes
pedicure essentials with
OPI nail polishes
facial essentials with eye mask
fragrant soaps
high-end bath salts,
shower gel & body cream
loofah, back brush
men's skin care
electric shaver
perfume or cologne
candles (regular or flameless)
candle holders
400-thread-count and/or satin pillowcases
water fountain or zen garden
shower caddy (an option instead of a basket)


plush slippers
fleece hoody
mittens, gloves
and/or scarf
hot chocolate & mugs
wool socks


fountain pen
wallet (from buxton to
diesel to coach!)
leather day planner
specialty desk accessories
(leather, sterling etc.)
jewelry box
iPod or PSP or other
picture frame (digital or regular)
(email us a favorite photo in jpeg format and we will have it printed and put it in the frame!)
gift cards – let them have fun shopping in freeport or online!
ll bean
banana republic
and last, but certainly not least,
a gift certificate for a weekend
or a catered party at the
Greenwood Mountain Inn : )